• Recorder Digital Stereo EVP 8GB (Ghost Hunting)


    From GhostWarePro - Trusted seller.  Great EVP digital recorder at a great price.  This is the official GhostWarePro Recorder


    This product is marked down as it came in a package and not a box (new, and never used, just not in box as normal however appears to be manfacturer packaged.. They may have changed the box without my knowledge)


    • 1. Built-in LCD display, can see the working status, easy control.
    • 2. Flash memory up to 8GB, can record high quality voice several hours(base on recording mode and battery amount.
    • 3. Built-in Li-ion battery, Can be charge directly through PC USB or adapter with DC5V output.
    • 4. Can record the regular telephone's calling through telephone adapter.(This mode cannot work on mobilephones)
    • 5. Support multiple audio(EQ) Audio playback in multiple formats.
    • 6. Auto power off/ Power funtion
    • 7. Previewing / searching play
    • 8. A-B repeat function previewing / searching play
    • 9. VOR voice control recording
    • 10. High-speed data connection with 2.0 USB, no need of driving.




    1.Memory: 8GB

    2.With LCD display

    3.Built-in speaker

    4.Music playing function

    5.Recording indication

    6.Sound control function available

    7.Built-in Lithium battery, rechargeable, saving your money and worry and protecting the environment

    8.USB connection for uploads and downloads

    9.Built-in speaker

    10.Working temperature: 0~40ºC