Spring 2021 - Covid has been a mess for everyone, we are still in business and going strong...  

03.20.2021 - 10 years and still going strong!!  Also visit us on Amazon

08.29.2018 - Have you seen the new Crosshair?  We love it.

05.29.2018 - We have not updated the news pages in a number

years - But with the new updated page we thought it was time.

07.03.2016 Happy Fourth of July everyone!

12.25.2015 - Merry Christmas everyone - Thank you for making this the best year ever.

7.9.2015 - Updates to Youtube videos - New products added to shopping page

4.26.2015 - Spring sale ends this weekend - Discounts sent to members of the mailing list. Join Here

Ends today - Check site for sales

3.9.2015 - Thanks Neil for the great Youtube video of our EM pump in action.

1.1.2015 - Happy New Year Everyone!!

11.27.2014 - Happy Thanksgiving.Check out Winter Parafest Below

11.16.14 - Updated the site - We were getting tired of the old look and wanted to change it up. What do you think? Email and tell us

10.14.14 - Special Thank you to Dover Paranormal Research Team in Pennsylvania for their assistance in the orb research. Check out their site, its very informative! HERE

10.14.14 - Orb results posting via email. Thank you all

9.21.14 - EM back in production - Thank you to everyone that purchased today. And a special thank you to Mo-Valley Paranormal for their great pictures of the EM pump in action and the comments regarding the great evidence.

6.15.14 - Preparing for our Moving Sale!! GhostWarePro is moving to a lower tax bracket area :)

3.6.14 - Added Trifield meters - Added a few other products - Discounts added

1.6.14 - Happy New Year !! P-SB7 now in stock, we got one of (maybe the first) shipment!!

12.18.13 - Sorry for the Delay, the manufacturer has advised us that the P-SB7 is on back order until into January (first week).

12.14.13 - Added the New EM Hunter to the website (after many requests).. Its finally online and ready for sale. In 4 days we have sold over half of our stock!!

Thank you all.. Its a great Xmas Present.

Welcome to our Friends at X Paranormal added to the Professional Page. Check out their Page HERE

11.18.13 - Friends, results of the survey to come out later this week. Thanks to everyone.

11.13.13 - Again, Thank you to everyone that submitted information to the Professional Page

11.10.13 - Thank you to everyone that signed up on the professional page.

10.31.13 - Happy Halloween- Added our Friends at GVPI Banner under Professional Groups, Check them out.

10.27.13 - Thank you all for the orders on the EM pump.. Sold out fast and now have more in stock

10.20.13 - Due to requests from our members, The EM Pump (Ghost Magnet) released for production on 10.20. Check it out in the Shopping section.

8.22.13 - GhostWarePro featured on Ihuntghost.com Radio Show. Discussing equipment trends and future development opportunities. Wes was great.. I need some work..

The GhostWarePro.com Show with Wes

08.25.13 - New document added today that explains Mel Meter Models.