• ECHO VIBE - Paranormal Sound and Vibration Detection


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    Did you hear something? Was there a slight vibration in the room? Now an advanced device created for Paranormal teams by Paranormal Teams.

    Sound and Vibration Detector in One!!- This device utilizes a high sensitivity low impedance microphone to detect just the slightest Sound or Vibration. Another useful tool from GWP to gather evidence. After months of testing, refinement, production, the ECHO VIBE by GWP is here!

    How far can a whisper carry? We tested this device from 20 feet away, and could detect the slightest whisper.... Or rooms away we tracked foot steps..  Ideal to use with a voice recorder to document the slightest evp.

    • Compact Design
    • 4 Custom High intensity LED's
    • Ulta high microphone
    • Vibration Detection
    • 9 Volt operation for long lasting results
    • Advanced Circuit board design

    All the above with proven field results from Paranomal investigators