Mel-8704R-REM ATDD


All in One Paranormal Instrument EMF - Ambient Temp. - Red Flashlight - EMF Radiating Antenna Detects EMF & Cold Spots Simultaneously Selectable units of deg.

F/C EMF "Burst" Mode Feature for Rapid EMF Detection Easy to see "Red Night View" Backlight Display with On/Off Button Glow in The Dark Push Buttons Fast Response Thermocouple Temperature Sensor Record Feature Captures Min & Max Values Selectable Sound for REM detection REM Multi-Color lights correlate to signal strength 50 & 60 Hz operation 30Hz to 300Hz response REM Feature radiates 360 deg.

Accuracy of 5% at 50-60Hz Instantaneous Response To REM Field Interruption


What makes the 500 different... Hot and Cold spot alarm.
The new ATDD feature detects subtle Ambient temperature changes in the environment, and converts the Hot and / or Cold change into an audible and visual alarm. Each degree change produces a unique tone.

There is a one Octave step for each degree change which allows the user to quickly differentiate any temperature change even without looking at the display. Blue LED's are used for a temperature decrease, while Red Led's are used to show any temperature increase that occurs.

Mel Meter 8704R-ATDD  is Designed Exclusively  For Paranormal Investigators

9 volt battery operation

Ohh.. Did we mention a free carry case.. Deluxe Soft Padded carry case with belt loop and sholder strap with each meter!