• Light Bar Kit - Awesome Savings on 2 IR lights with Light bar


    Custom made for you - Please allow two weeks construction

    ParaDeal on Lighting... Everything you need to get up and running with pure IR lighting for your night vision Camera/Camcorder


    Two (2) Illuminator III's:

    Cut through the Darkness with 6, Ulta High UV bulbs.  Unlike most, this includes a power indicator, a unique design proven to provide 45 degree direct IR light into your filming area.

    Circular design of IRlights provide a "beam" of high impact directional light while illuminating the entire room via the 45 degree UV LED's.

    Two (2) Professional Mounting hot shoe adaptors

    These are professional grade adaptors for all your lighting needs.  They slide into hotshoe mount, and screw into lighting/Mel meter/Em Pumps/ etc..

    one (1) Light Bar to hold your camcoder/camera and both IR lights

    Dual Hotshoe bracket - Holds both your Camera and two lights.  Or add flash and IR lights.... This is the perfect holder to carry around while investigating (we have tried numerous holders)