• EM Pump - Ghost Magnet - New Product Sale


    Exclusive to GWP - Our EM Pump the Ghost Magnet

    As there are many EM pumps on the market, we decided to create one with the best parts wrapped together in one compact unit.

    Features of our Pump

    • Our Motor runs at 2,800 RPM - High Speed = Low Drag
    • We use only Rare Earth Magnets -- A very strong magnet..
    • High intensity Blue LED
    • Chrome LED holder to protect lighting
    • Heavy Duty Switch
    • Best Parts + Unique Design = one of the best EM pumps

    *Note from my wife (The Paranormal Investigator)

    Hello Fellow Investigators,

    As Investigators, we understand the importance of high quality, high functioning, and affordable equipment.  We also know the daunting, yet exciting adventure we venture out on every time we go on an investigation.  This EM Pump will not disappoint.  While generating an electromagnetic field, it allows spirits to draw energy from it, (in theory) and communicate with those of us, who make it our mission to gather proof of spirit existence and their ability and willingness to communicate with us from their realm. I've used this successfully in the filed, and I hope you will give it a try.

    Happy Hunting....Be Smart, and Be Safe,