• 16 GB Digital EVP Recorder

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    • NEW EVP Recorder

      This is a [16GB] USB Flash Digital Voice Recorder Pen with MP3 Function.
    • Supports FLAC ,APE, MP3, WMA, ASF, and WAV music formats. Long tvoice recording.  
    • Built in microphone.
    • Record format: WAV or Mp3
    • Built in battery: 800mah( 100hours battery life )
    • 24 Country language supported: English,    Russian, French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Italian, Polish, Slovenian, Turkish, Korean, Romanian, Danish, Hungarian, Norwegian, Finnish, Slovakian ,Sweden.        
    • Test voice and Line in function test:        https://youtu.be/dZ-C4muAvNA     


    !!Support Micro SD card( Up to 64GB additional memory)!!

    1,Ultra-portable 16GB huge storage device. 

    2,One Key Noise Reduction: Push up "Noise C" key to reduce environmental noise

    3,Rechargeable Battery(800mah) ,Continues recording more than 100 hours(Mp3 format) 

    4,Recording model: PCM WAV .1536Kbps/512Kbps/192Kbps/32Kbps 

    5,Work with Windows and Mac OS system 

    6,Time-Setting:can name the file use time, easily know which day recorded.

    7,Sensor Voice Activated Mode : Start Recording when there have sound, pause when on sound( can't power on by voice , you still need press REC button as usual)

    8,Built-in Speaker

    9,Support 24 Country Languages

    10,Has a 1.8inch OLED Screen

    11,Include a Password protection

    12,Alarm Clock function

    13,Multiple folders for batter organization of all your hundreds of recodings.


    Storage capacity: 8GB or16GB 

    Record Format: PCM WAV or Mp3 format.

    Microphone:Two Non-directional condenser MIC 


    Package Include

    1 x 8GB or 16GB recorder

    1 x USB date cable

    1 x Earphone

    1 x Audio Cable

    1 x Dictaphone Jack

    1 x Dictaphone Line

    1 x Instruc​tions

    1 x Waterproof bag