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          Paranologies Paramid.



    • Paranologies Paramid. copyright © 2011 Paranologies
      This is a Stereo Ultra-Sonic Sensor. It not only will detect an object up to 4 feet away with an lcd display on the front, but it will tell you if the object is on the left or the right of the unit.  
    • Extremely Sensitive detection of an object similar to Radar or Sonar.  Same technology used in Back-up Sensor's for vehicles, but re-calibrated and designed based off results from over 50 Paranormal investigations.
    • If an object gets close to the right or left side of the Paramid, The lcd display will let the user know which side the object is on, and how far away it is. It will also send out an audible alarm as well if your not watching it. 
    • Custom Designed
    • Completely Hand built, wired and molded out of ABS Plastic.
    • This includes 2 Sensor's, 1 Lcd display, on/off switch all built to completion. 
    • Measures 3.5" tall x 2.5" wide x 5" length
    • This sensor is NOT recommended for small rooms as it needs 5' of clear space on the left and right side of the Paramid to operate without interference from an object in the room. It will work in small rooms but will require some setup as no object can be within 5 feet of the sensors or it will false. 
    • Work's off 8 AA batteries(not Included) that will last for weeks
      We sell batteries to make it easy if needed.