AC Electric Field Meter


Providing RMS electric field strength readings over the frequency range of 5 Hz to 2 kHz, this handy meter does what no other meter in this price range can do. Two switchable ranges. Range 1 offers 20 V/m accuracy from 20 to 300 volts/meter and range 2 offers 0.1 kV/m accuracy from 0 to 10 kilovolts/meter. Simple to use, just set the dial to the desired range and take readings. Operates on a 9V battery which is included. Has a large analog display and comes with a complete 1 year warrantee.

As with any E-field sensing instrument, you will find that your readings are more accurate if you do not distort the ambient field with the presence of your body. Simply placing the meter on a stable (non-conductive) surface and backing away, or taping the meter to a 2 - 3 foot stick will allow you to move your body far enough out of the way to avoid distortion.

Now you can have accuracy in E-field measurements and affordability. Made in USA